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Dr. Khan is amazing! I went there for the first time he is very professional and knowledgeable in his field, the result of medical facial is amazing. I’ve recommended them to everyone I know. I love the benefits I can see. Thank you Dr.Khan



I was thinking of having some sort of laser treatment done on my abdominal area, but the multiple sessions were not convenient for me or my schedule. I wanted a more simple procedure and better option to get rid of the fat. I have found having had the mesolipolysis treatment with Dr. Z S Khan, with no side effects, and within 1-2 weeks time I had results of 72%-80% in reduction of the area. I recommend it to anyone looking for a non-evasive results driven treatment.

V.Massen, LONDON

As more of my friends began getting Botox and fillers and they told me how easy and painless it was, I decided to try it myself. I could see the results of filler on the treatment table and of Botox after one week. I was amazed at how much rested I looked. The results are very natural. Dr. Khan made it very comfortable and easy.


I simply love the Anti Wrinkle Treatments Dr Khan prescribed for me. I look and feel younger,my skin no longer looks tired and worn.The treatments have eliminated my deep frown lines, the lines around my eyes and my nasal folds, which used to make me look old and tired,even when I wasn`t.I feel much more confidant and this has dramatically improved my confidence.Now my friends often remark how well and rested I look.The Treatments are quick and painless


I first visited the clinic over a year ago to seek advice about filler treatments. I was so impressed with the standard of care and honest advice I received from Dr Khan that I had no hesitation in going ahead with the treatment. Time was taken to explain the procedure beforehand. The results were excellent with no bruising. After care and follow up was also provided to a very high standard. The most important thing for me was to have a `natural look`. I can confidently say that was achieved and would highly recommend the skills and professionalism of Dr Khan.


For a few months I was losing hair uncontrollably. Whenever I used to get up in the morning a bunch of hair used to be on my pillow. I was really frustrated with my situation. My friend had a PRP hair treatment with Dr. Khan at Harley Street so I went with her for a consultation regarding my problem. He advised me for PRP sessions. The treatment took one hour and was really painless as he applied numbing cream. I was able to see the results after 3-4months. Dr. Khan is a very experienced doctor and the staff at the clinic is well-coordinated who took care of all my apprehensions. I got a complete solution for my hair loss problem. I strongly recommend this treatment to anybody looking for a long lasting solution for hair loss.


My first time Botox / fillers experience was very pleasant with Dr. Khan. He knew how to make me feel comfortable and confident. The results are AMAZING I love how natural it looks. The prices are definitely competitive. Well worth it.


I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Khan. He will make you feel comfortable and will always be honest about what you need. He took the time to listen to my concerns and really made me feel at home. When it was my time to get the treatment done I started to get a little anxious again but Dr. Khan helped put me at ease. I can see why Dr.Khan gets such great reviews. I highly recommend coming here.


After visiting a few clinics, with Doctors offering Botox and fillers, I finally decided on trying Dr. Khan. As a 50 year old woman working in the City I wanted a little work done to freshen up my face. I was impressed by Dr. Khan`s ability to listen to what I wanted and his work certainly has paid off. Two years on I am a devoted client. His work is impeccable, long lasting and thorough, without looking obvious. I see him now twice a year and that was 2 years ago. I fully and 100% trust his work as it has done wonders for myself confidence.


I have been a client of Dr Khan`s for two and a half years, having been recommended by another client. Dr Khan provides an excellent customer service, providing excellent follow up care after any aesthetic treatment carried out, ensuring that the treatment has been successful and that his client is pleased with the results. He is always very professional, taking personal responsibility for his clients well being and always offering sound advice. I can highly recommend Dr Khan for any aesthetic treatment.I can honestly say you will not be disappointed with the results!.


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