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Spider veins are clusters of thin red, blue or purple coloured veins resembling spider legs that appear on the thighs, calves and ankles. They can also appear as tiny branch-like shapes or simple, thin, separate lines. Not only are spider veins displeasing, they can also cause physical discomfort including pain, swelling, burning and night cramps. Ageing, genetics, pregnancy, hormone changes, long periods of standing or sitting are all factors which contribute to the development of these veins.


Spider veins can be likened to a river delta with the river flowing into the delta. This is called a feeder vein and if any improvement is going to take place these feeder veins must be sealed off. Any treatment that fails to seal off the feeder vein before treating the spider veins is an exercise in futility. In some cases the feeder veins are not visible, making treatment difficult.


At our Aesthetic Centre we are able to offer Laser /IPL treatments for spider veins and large veins on the nose and face using our Nd:YAG laser. This treatment works by sending strong pulses of light into the blood vessel heating and sealing it. The laser is very direct and accurate, and only damages the target being treated. Patients feel a “pinch” when the target is hit and the discomfort level is low. Side effects are few, mainly bruising, and as there is no need for bandages after treatment, patients can continue with their daily routine immediately. The number of treatments required is dependant on the size of the vessels being treated, usually between two to four at 3 weekly intervals.


These treatments are done by physicians only, and a pre treatment consultation is necessary. As the treatments are classed as cosmetic, they are not covered by Medical Aid.

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