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As we grow older, our skin starts to lose its elasticity and fullness of youth. This age related changes can cause the skin to sag around the brow area, and, the brow begins to drop from its youthful position. A low or drooping brow can create a feeling of being old, tired or angry. Our instant non Surgical Brow Lift elevates the drooping brow thus making you look relaxed, rejuvenated and therefore younger


Mild asymmetry in the brow area also responds well with this treatment. We use a special technique using Polydioxanone (PDO) sutures to elevate the droopy eye lids. The eyebrow lift will last for 18 months to two years.


Anaesthesia is not required during the procedure although the treatment area may be numbed using a topical numbing cream.


The procedure will normally take one hour and is painless and you need not take any time off work. Whereas with a traditional brow lift you must be off work for around a week. This process is ideal for people who have just started to experience sagging brows or, for those who are looking for a subtle lift.


It can also be performed on individuals who are either not ready to go under the knife or, are not fit for a surgical procedure. The procedure is not recommended for people suffering from muscle weakness and neuromuscular.

Price: £750


What are the risks?
Instant eyebrow lift is generally safe.
In rare cases, the procedure can cause hypersensitivity.
Should I expect any side effects?
Normal side effects such as bruising, swelling and redness may occur after the procedure. However this can be easily treated with ice and medication.
Is hospitalisation required?
Hospitalisation is not necessary.
Is there an age limit for this procedure?
Any adult above the age of 18 can undergo this procedure.
Is the procedure painful?
The procedure is virtually painless.
How long does it take?
A procedure can be completed in as little as 45 minutes and the maximum time would be around 60 minutes.
Are there complications?
Complications with a Non Surgical Brow Lift are minimal.
Will I get skin irregularities?
Skin irregularities after a Non Surgical Brow Lift are very rare.
Will there be bruising or swelling?
Some bruising or swelling may arise, resolving itself in a few days.
Are bandages applied?
Bandages are not applied after a Non Surgical Brow Lift procedure.
Do I need time off work?
There is no need for you to take time off work. In fact, the surgery can be done during a lunch hour allowing you to return to work immediately after.
When can I do exercises?
You can continue your normal routine 24 hours after the procedure.
When can I go out in the sun again?
You should avoid going out in the intense sun for about two weeks after the treatment as, the harmful UV rays might cause redness, bruising or itching.
Should I follow a special diet?
There is no requirement to follow a special diet.
Is there any scarring?
A Non Surgical Brow Lift normally does not cause any scarring.

Can I drive home after the procedure?
You can drive home after the procedure.
Will I have to return for post-operative care?
You will have to revisit after one or two weeks for the doctor to monitor the progress.

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