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Nefertiti for Sagging Jowls & Neck Bands

Nefertiti was an ancient, most beautiful Egyptian queen known for her strong, well defined neck and jawline. Sagging jowls and neck bands contribute to a change in your appearance and can make you look older. A defined and shapely jawline is an incredibly attractive feature for both men and women.


Nefertiti lift uses Botox injections to lift the jawline and neck muscles. As we age, the effects of gravity, genetics, life style and the environment cause our skin to slacken as we lose elasticity.


The Nefertiti Neck and Jaw Lift is a new technique using multiple injections of Botox along the lower jawline as well as down the side of the neck along the Platysma muscle to improve the definition of the jawline. By relaxing this muscle beneath the jaw, the muscles in the upper part of the face become stronger and pull the whole face upwards, giving a tighter, and more contoured lifted appearance
Results should become apparent within 2 weeks of treatment. To maintain the desired effect you need to repeat the treatment approximately every 3-6 months.


In the past, the best way to rejuvenate the lower part of face was full surgical neck lift, but with advancement in technology and technique, people can now obtain a neck lift and define the jaw non-invasively.

PRICE: £350

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